In the exciting world of fashion, trends change promptly but contributing to environmental sustainability is a constant buzz. The fashion industry is notorious for its environmental impact, contributing to both water pollution and waste generation. As a response, many fashion houses are stepping up and transforming the industry with enviro-progressive practices. In this blog, we will uncover 10 such sustainable fashion brands making waves in 2022.

1. **Patagonia:** A pioneer of eco-friendly fashion, Patagonia has, for years, been leading the way with its sustainable practices. Known for their long-lasting and functional clothing, Patagonia is firmly committed to positive environmental actions, from using recycled materials to advocating for policy changes.

2. **Eileen Fisher:** With simplicity and sustainability at the heart of their design ethos, Eileen Fisher meticulously audits their supply chain to ensure fair wages and safe working conditions. They are also committed to utilizing organic and recycled fibers, making them a leader in sustainable fashion.

3. **Stella McCartney:** Honoring its staunch vegetarian philosophy, Stella McCartney delivers luxury without the cost to wildlife. The brand uses no leather or fur and has significantly reduced its environmental footprint by adopting organic and recycled fabrics and committing to achieve zero waste.

4. **Everlane:** Renowned for their radical transparency, Everlane shares information about every step of their production process – from raw materials to pricing. They promise high-quality basics from the best ethical factories around the world while working to eliminate all virgin plastic from their supply chain.

5. **Reformation:** Combining sustainable fabrics, better practices, and green buildings, Reformation balances style and sustainability. Using rescued deadstock fabrics and repurposed vintage clothing, they’re committed to minimizing their environmental impact.

6. **Veja:** A footwear brand with eco-conscious DNA, Veja uses organic cotton, wild rubber from the Amazon, and recycled plastic bottles to minimize their impact. They’re also known for their transparent supply chain that ensures fair trade and ethical sourcing.

7. **Alternative Apparel:** Known for their super soft basics, Alternative Apparel practices eco-friendliness by incorporating organic and recycled materials into their products. They also use non-toxic, low impact dyes and are a certified Green Business.

8. **People Tree:** An ethically-produced slow-fashion brand, People Tree collaborates with artisans and producers in the developing world. They’re known for fair trade practices and use of organic cotton, making their chic, handcrafted garments guilt-free.

9. **Levi Strauss & Co.:** The legendary denim manufacturer has adopted innovative techniques to reduce water usage in its jeans production. They’ve also embraced recycling, encouraging customers to donate old jeans for repurposing.

10. **Swedish Stockings:** The sustainable hosiery brand, Swedish Stockings, creates pantyhose and tights from recycled materials. Additionally, they operate a recycling program to prevent their products from ending up in landfills.

These brands show that you can balance style, quality, and ethics without compromising the planet. As conscious consumers, supporting such labels sends a powerful message through the industry that sustainability should always be in fashion. And while it’s just a snapshot of a quickly growing list, these brands are already revolutionizing the fashion industry. Let’s look forward to more sustainable style breakthroughs in 2022!