As we approach the end of the tumultuous year that was 2020, we find ourselves not only wishing for a refresh in our lives but also in our wardrobes and makeup drawers. With the world of fashion and beauty being as vast and variant as it is, it is essential to scout out the significant trends that will be taking over the coming year. 2021 beckons us to break away from our outdated conventions and routines to embrace new stylings, designs, and beauty regimes. Here, we delve into the key fashion and beauty trends you should consider incorporating into your 2021 style guide.

Diving into the world of fashion first, we immediately note two contrasting yet dominant themes for 2021 – comfort and individuality.

**Embracing Comfort**

With a considerable amount of the global population having to work from home this year, comfort has become a significant factor when it comes to fashion choices. The sweats and hoodies that once adorned our loungewear drawers have made their mark on 2021 fashion runway shows. Luxury loungewear, like cashmere joggers, stylish yoga pants, and oversized statement sweatshirts, is predicted to make waves next year. But do remember, comfort does not imply a compromise on style. Keep a lookout for pieces that bring together both aspects seamlessly.

**Individuality is Key**

2020 allowed us to showcase our individual styles through our choice of masks, and this knack for personal expression is seeping into 2021 fashion trends. Customized pieces, vintage buys, and garments that showcase your personality are on the rise. In terms of color trends, Pantone’s 2021 color of the year, ‘Illuminating’ yellow, paired with ‘Ultimate Gray’, is worth incorporating into your wardrobe for an uplifting, positive vibe.

Turning our attention towards the beauty industry, innovative skincare techniques and bold, bright makeup looks will dominate 2021.

**Less is More**

The beauty industry is leaning heavily into a ‘less-is-more’ approach to makeup, focusing on enhancing natural beauty rather than layering on product. BB cream, tinted moisturizers, and subtly highlighted features will champion the beauty trends for 2021. Clever contouring and strategically placed highlighters will allow your skin to gleam with a natural radiance. However, while the foundation work remains subtle, the eye makeup is intended to pop — think colorful eyeliners, voluminous lashes, and defined brows.


‘Skinimalism’, dubbed by Pinterest as the new ‘glow up,’ stands for simpler skincare routines with fewer products aimed at maintaining healthier skin. It pushes against the 10-step Korean skincare routine of the past years, with more people choosing to stick to the basics – cleanse, moisturize, and protect (sunscreen, always!).

**Revive and Reinvent**

As we move into 2021, it’s time to let go of the image of being perfect all the time and instead, embrace our uniqueness, be it through our fashion choices or beauty preferences. Let’s adopt the trends that resonate with us and make them our own because the biggest style statement we can make is to be our authentic selves. So, let’s step into 2021 in style, while also caring for ourselves and the world within which we live. Stay stylish, stay beautiful!