The fashion industry, one of the world’s most dynamic sectors, is making strides towards sustainability. More than ever before, brands are realizing the importance of promoting sustainable practices and pushing for ethical fashion sensibility. If you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe with pieces that are not only fashionable, but also mindfully-produced, read on as our round-up presents ten sustainable fashion brands to look out for in 2023.

1. **Everlane:** Known for their transparency, Everlane has gained acclaim for their timeless pieces. They are committed to partnering with the best ethical factories across the globe and meticulously detail the cost of every process, providing an unusual level of transparency in a notoriously opaque industry.

2. **Patagonia:** One of the pioneers in the sustainable fashion industry, Patagonia incorporates recycled materials into many of their products. They encourage customers to repair their garments and also offer a robust trade-in-and-resell program, making them a quintessential brand for eco-conscious individuals.

3. **Eileen Fisher:** Incorporating a model of simplicity and sustainability, Eileen Fisher is committed to fostering human rights and restoring the environment. Their pieces are created from organic and recycled materials. The brand also buys back old pieces for new customers to purchase, a nod towards building a circular fashion system.

4. **Veja:** Contributing to the sneaker revolution, Veja offers footwear made from raw, sustainable materials sourced from organic farming. The brand enforces fair trade principles, and openly voices declarations about their production processes.

5. **Reformation:** This L.A-based label believes fashion and sustainability can coexist. With their commitment to reducing water, waste, and energy footprints, Reformation emphasizes green manufacturing practices and provides detailed sustainability reports for each of their garments.

6. **Levi’s:** Known for its enduring denim, Levi’s goes hand-in-hand with committed sustainability. The brand launched a “Water

7. **Stella McCartney:** This high-end fashion house has a strong ethical stance against the use of fur and leather. Stella McCartney combines luxury fashion with environmentalism, employing innovative, sustainable materials such as vegan leather in her collections.

8. **Alternative Apparel:** Known for their soft and sustainable clothing, Alternative Apparel uses eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton and recycled materials. They also implement water-conserving dye and washing processes, making them a great option for those who prioritize comfort and sustainability.

9. **Amour Vert:** Amour Vert, translating to ‘Green Love’, is a brand that lives up to its name. For every tee purchased, they plant a tree. With a zero-waste philosophy, they create limited quantities to ensure no extra waste and use organic and sustainable materials in their production.

10. **People Tree:** A trailblazer in ethical and sustainable fashion, People Tree collaborates with artisans and farmers in developing countries. They’re Fair Trade-certified and use organic cotton and environmentally-friendly dyes in their clothing production.

Remember to consider not just the style and fit when making a purchase but also how the garment was made and its environmental impact. Each effort you take to build a sustainable wardrobe counts and contributes to a better future for fashion. Lastly, although the fashion industry is transforming, the most sustainable garment will always be the one you already own. So before you decide to buy new clothes, think about how you can repurpose, repair, or recycle what you already have in your closet. Now go on, embrace sustainable fashion in 2023 and beyond!