As we embark on this journey, let us take a moment to ponder those less-traveled roads of Europe. These paths are the embodiment of a true adventure – unknown, underappreciated, and full of promises. So, grab your suitcase and camera, as we traverse through the hidden gems of Europe, revealing the secrets of lands yet to be fully discovered by many.

We commence our journey in Portugal, in the town of Monsanto, the most ‘Portuguese town of Portugal’. Unlike any other, this medieval village is built amongst gigantic boulders. Rustic, age-worn homes meld seamlessly with these giant rocks, creating a unique, surreal landscape that takes you back centuries. Here, people are few, landscapes are vast, and the aura is utterly magical!

Next, we venture into the heart of Bosnia Herzegovina, more precisely, the town of Mostar. Renowned for its iconic Stari Most (Old Bridge), Mostar is a place brimming with history, culture and endurance. Wander through the old town’s cobbled streets, enjoy a strong Bosnian coffee at any local café, and when you’re ready, visit the gallery dedicated to the war photographs to grasp the struggles this resilient town has overcome.

Our third hidden gem lies tucked away in the furthest corners of Norway. This is not your everyday tourist hotspot; it is the village of Reine in the Lofoten Islands. The exceptional landscape comprises craggy mountain peaks, azure waters, and red fishing cabins (called ‘rorbuer’ in Norwegian) creating a picture so idyllic, it seems straight out of a canvas. Majestic Northern Lights create an ethereal spectacle here in winters, transforming the surroundings into a transcendental dreamland.

Far from the known trails in France, we discover the town of Colmar. Often referred to as a “fairy tale town”, Colmar abounds with half-timbered medieval buildings, peaceful canals, and colorful floral displays. Its charming district, La Petite Venise, with its beautiful half-timbered houses lined along a quaint canal, is downright enchanting, seeming as if it’s sprung right out of a storybook.

Eastern Europe exhibits more untold beauty in Albania’s town of Berat. Called the City of a Thousand Windows, Berat’s white Ottoman houses climb up the hill towards the 13th century Berat Castle, creating a beautiful blend of history and culture. It’s a place not yet on the radar of many globetrotters, offering an untouched, authentic experience imbued with the warmth of locals.

We conclude our journey in the magnificent seaside town of Rovinj, Croatia. Its cobblestone streets, Venetian influenced colorful buildings squashed together along the harbor, and a towering Church of St. Euphemia, evoke a romantic, old-world charm. With terracotta rooftops, clear aquamarine waters and a lofty church tower providing picture-postcard views, Rovinj is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

Each corner of Europe whispers stories of the past, celebrates the vibrancy of the present, and holds secrets for the future, especially those yet to be discovered by many. These hidden gems, with their barely-touched magnificence, rich history, tranquil ambience, and cultural grandiosity, await the footsteps of the wanderer who chooses the path less traveled. So, dust off your globetrotter soul and set off on a journey to explore the undiscovered, where true magic lies waiting to be found!