As a parent or teacher, you may be wondering how you can help improve the reading comprehension of children. Reading comprehension is a vital skill that not only helps in academics but also in everyday life. In this blog post, we will discuss five fun and creative activities to help children with reading comprehension.

1. Make a story map

A story map is a visual representation of the events that take place in a story. This activity helps children understand the story’s structure and enhances their comprehension. After the child reads a story, ask them to draw a map of the story’s events. This activity not only helps them understand the story but also improves their spatial skills.

2. Reading and retelling

This activity involves reading a story to a child and asking them to retell the story in their words. This activity helps children process information and develop their analytical skills as they relate the story to their own lives. Encourage them to use descriptive words while retelling the story, which will help enhance their vocabulary.

3. Character sketching

This activity involves asking children to sketch characters from a story they read. Encourage them to pay attention to details like the character’s physical appearance, personality, and emotions. Character sketching helps children imagine and picture characters in their mind, enhancing their reading comprehension.

4. Vocabulary building

Vocabulary building helps children understand the words they read and improves their comprehension. Play vocabulary building games like word puzzles, matching games, and word associations. You can also encourage children to maintain a vocabulary journal where they write down new words they encounter while reading along with their meanings.

5. Rewriting the ending

This activity involves asking children to rewrite the ending of a story they read. This activity helps them think creatively and process information in a new way. Encourage them to change the story’s ending while keeping in mind the characters’ personalities, the storyline, and the overall style of the story.

In conclusion, reading comprehension is an essential skill that children must develop to succeed academically and in their everyday lives. These five fun and creative activities help children develop their comprehension skills while making the learning experience engaging and enjoyable.