5 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Resume and Stand Out to Employers

Securing a job has become more and more challenging as competition in the job market continues to rise. That’s why presenting an exceptional resume that stands out from other applicants becomes essential. Below are five surprising ways you can enhance your resume to impress potential employers.

1. Add Volunteer Work: Employers love to see that you are engaged and have a charitable side. Including your volunteer work on your resume displays a sense of community, strong work ethic, and passion, all good qualities to have in an employee.

2. Highlight Your Extracurricular Activities: While it may seem irrelevant to add your extracurricular activities to your resume, it will demonstrate that you’re a well-rounded individual with life experiences beyond school or work.

3. Showcase Your Soft Skills: Communication, problem-solving, and teamwork are only a few of the soft skills employers value. Write them down and describe how you’ve used these skills in your previous work experience or education.

4. List Relevant Certifications: Obtaining certifications and taking courses related to the field you’re applying for demonstrates your interest in the subject matter and willingness to learn.

5. Include Metrics: To give a sense of productivity and success in previous roles, add metrics to your achievements. For example, if you were in sales, detail how much revenue you brought in or the number of customers you assisted, impressing the employer with the concrete results you’ve produced.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, standing out among countless other job applicants is essential when job hunting. By following these five surprising ways to boost your resume, you can create an impactful representation of yourself that goes beyond your work experience and education. Ultimately, a great resume will help secure a job interview and set yourself apart from others.